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Tips for Tenants

Beware of Scams

There are several scams online where nefarious characters will list homes on Zillow, Trulia, Newspapers, Craigslist, etc. and the owner tells you they are out of town but to mail your deposit to a PO Box.

TENANTS BEWARE! More often than not, this is typically a scam. A couple of indicators are the rent seeming too good to be true, owners being “out of town”, and instructions to mail in your deposit.

Our advice is to always make sure you are renting a place from a reputable management company or agency that can be verified through State Government sources (i.e. websites, FREC, etc.).

Have Income & Credit Information Ready

When applying for a rental, most landlords will require credit and income verification.  If there are concerns you are aware on either , you should provide detailed explanations and be prepared to offer to increase the deposit or pay last month’s rent in advance.

Work With Property Managers & Realtors

Use the services of a property manager or a realtor to help you find a great place to lease. These services are normally free to the tenant.

By reaching out to these real estate professionals early and letting them know what you are looking for, you increase your odds of finding what you want. They have access to properties expiring that are not yet listed on the market and there is a good chance they also know of new properties coming online.

Get Some References

While not a normal requirement for applying to a rental, including current reference letters with the application can help you stand apart from other applicants.

Having a previous landlord attest to a positive relationship with you during your lease and / or confirming your timely payment history and final home condition might make the difference for a landlord in selecting you as their next tenant.

Apply Quickly

Good homes and apartments for rent are often not listed for long. In today’s market, there is fierce competition to get into a rental in a good area.

We average 6 applicants for every rental we post on the market – which provides a lot of choice to our property owners. In many instances, the last couple of applicants are not even considered because the process is already initiated with one of the earlier applicatns.

In short – our advice is if you see a rental you think you might like – Apply quickly.