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Central Florida Property Management

Blue Sun Rentals is a professional property management company that offers a one-stop solution for real estate investors with residential and commercial property for lease. We’re unique in that our team will manage the purchase, upgrades, marketing, tenant screening and general management of your property.

A division of the highly regarded real estate team Blue Sun Realty, our property management team advises many professional real estate investors, thousands of potential tenants and works with reputable and affordable contractor teams with 100+ properties currently under management, our clients have enjoyed piece of mind and higher than average earnings on their rentals. We have maintained a 98% non-vacancy rate for the last 6 years and our average investor yields an annual return rate of 11.4% or higher.

We Find or Create Valuable Rental Property

For new and seasoned investors alike, our professional real estate and property management team has vast experience in identifying valuable and high yielding properties that are suitable and ideal for rental income.

We work for our investors to obtain those properties at an aggressive price and then manage any and all repairs and upgrades needed to maximize the rental value.

If you have an existing portfolio of one or more properties, we also fully analyze and advise on strategies to maximize your return and reduce the costs of those investments.

We Market Properties Smart and Agressively

Blue Sun Rentals agressively markets and showcases your property on over 900 websites to help bring visibility and attention to your home.  We schedule professional photo shoots, video tours and work with digital marketing professionals to go above and beyond the minimal “MLS only” post that other property management teams offer.

This often results in the development of a robust list of applicants that provides more options for our landlords. In addition, it helps create a high level of demand for that helps to increase its appreciation and overall value.

Tenant Screening

Every applicant is thoroughly interviewed and screened including credit checks, income verification, employment verification, criminal background, verification of rental history, sexual predator check, and more. Our goal is to place outstanding residents in our investor properties and improve the value and return of those properties.

Our tenant residents have an array of tools and methods to work with us and get questions answers. They all receive a dedicated portal where they can make payments online, request services and review important documents. They can also contact us via phone and schedule appointments.

We Provide Dedicated Property Managers

Unlike other real estate agents that “dabble” in managing rentals, Blue Sun Rentals is a company focused specifically on property management.  Our aim is to provide outstanding services to our residents and investors and ultimately improve the value of the property – and thus, the return to our owners.

We have a dedicated property manager and assisting team that focuses specifically on this aspect.  We are extremely results oriented, detailed and have a strong sense of quality in our work and approach it with urgency and pride.

We Can Help You Today

Managing real estate, dealing with tenants and maintaining properties are time consuming endeavors. If you’re not careful, you can easily wipe away any gains made and spent countless hours for little or no return.

Blue Sun Rentals can help you maximize your return and provide guidance and assistance in growing your real estate portfolio.

To  schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you, please click the button below and complete the Request Consultation Form or simply call us at 813-704-6877.